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"Ever wished you could hold a cable up to your ear and hear if there is signal going through it?"

Well, now you can with...

Picture of a SoundPlug...the SoundPlug  Order Now!

The SoundPlug contains a very sensitive high impedance transducer connected across pins 2 & 3 of a female XLR plug.  Plug it into the end of a sound cable and you will be able to hear balanced line level audio.  Just the thing for those occasions when you have to troubleshoot a cable that you have already run out, or you don't have both ends handy  for a traditional cable tester.

Clip it to your Key Ring...

"Ever wished you could use a faux candle on stage without it washing out?"

Introducing the SafeFlame  $34.95ea + S/H 

Order Now!

The only theatrically real flame that competes with stage lighting...

Haven't you been faced with the problem that most 'fake' candles look acceptable on a darkened stage but completely wash out under bright stage lighting?   Well, I was, so I designed and built my own from the ground up.


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