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The only theatrically real flame that competes with stage lighting...

Haven't you been faced with the problem that most 'fake' candles look acceptable on a darkened stage but completely wash out under bright stage lighting?   Well, I was, so I designed and built my own from the ground up.

The Advantages of SafeFlame over the competition...


It uses a combination of colored lights to reproduce the final luminous flame - just like stage lighting!


It flickers in the way we perceive a candle to flicker - we expect candles to flicker a lot more than they actually do.


By the clever use of quadratic residue theory their flicker sequence seems random and real - not just cheesy alternating lights.


Their flames are encased in hot glue so that they can be re-dipped and therefore resized and reshaped by any competent props person. - no need to buy additional flames for each new production.


As with all my products, it works off of a half dead 9 volt battery - it will give you 4 to 8 hours of beautifully flickering flame from a wireless mic battery that has already been used on a show.


The circuit board has a small link in it that can be removed and a switch wired across it to make the candle flicker more as if it is almost going out - great for simulating blowing it out.


Although the  SafeFlame comes with the flame inserted into a connector at the top of the circuit board it can be extended using just three wires.  Also, even though the battery clip is connected to the circuit board it can be extended using the simple wired battery clip.


The SafeFlame will actually work off of any DC voltage from 24 volts down to 6 volts so you could easily use a transformer on it and have it switched from a switchable lighting circuit.


As the lights are made from LEDs they will last a very long time - you are more likely to lose or someone damage the flame than it burn out.


The new circuit board is very small at 1.75" x 0.5" which makes it as wide as the edge of a 9Volt battery just a little bit taller.

And Now the flame...

As you can see from the photo on the left, the flame on the  SafeFlame is a small ball of hot glue shaped to be theatrically flame like, with three wire prongs poking out of the bottom that fit into the connector on the top of the circuit board.  I have found that it is very hard to photograph the brightness of the flame in bright light.  This attempt looks good after the brightness and contrast has been played with a bit and gives a sense of how well the flames compete with stage lighting although it completely washes out the different colors that are used  The flame can be extended anywhere by soldering three wires to the three prongs and inserting the ends of the wires into the connector.  Don't worry if you get the prongs mixed up, it just won't work.  You won't damage the flame.  Similarly, you won't damage the circuit board if you accidentally connect the battery the wrong way round.  It just won't work.  This little circuit is very robust and can be mounted inside any prop by just hot gluing the underside of the circuit board to whatever.  Just make sure that you don't short out any of the circuit board by placing it on any metal without a layer of insulation beneath it.

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Please Note.

The SafeFlame comes as a fully assembled and working device that is ready to be built into any prop.  Because of the small size of the circuit board and expertise needed in soldering the components to it, we cannot offer it as a kit.


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